Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Michelle Armas

My favorite art that I have picked up in the past year has got to be from Michelle Armas, a painter  based out of Atlanta.  I picked up prints of Blarney, Trellus, and a canvas of Hadrian; Blarney and Hadrian seen below and above in my dining room.

There is something so free about her work, or perhaps I mean freeing.  It feels entirely organic and is easy to get lost in (I would know. It took me MANY visits to her site to pick out my purchases).  But looking at them as a group, it's clear her aesthetic is purposeful and her talent is incredible; I am seriously in love! 

My favorite is Dark n' Stormy, pictured above, and the next time I have a spare $1800 lying around, watch out, 'cuz its gonna be mine!  Wouldn't it be incredible up against a deep charcoal or black wall?  Or maybe navy?  So many good choices!  If y'all want to find yourself in a similar dilemma head over to her shop at: http://www.michellearmas.bigcartel.com/.  But don't say I didn't warn you!

Also, follow her blog at http://armasdesign.blogspot.com/, also listed on my blog roll.  As a new blogger, I really appreciate her voice and honesty (and of course looking at her pieces in progress)!

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