Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Staying on Purpose

Just some thoughts today as life keeps rolling on.

Every situation has a purpose

Doing what you love aligns you with the flow of synchronicity

You attract what you focus upon

Universal intelligence is perfect and operates effortlessly

You always have a choice

Set your intention and ask for support

Let the universe handle the details

Trust the process

Your life is part of the large world plan

On: Festive Flatware

Long time, no see!  My name is Emily and I took a bit of an unintended hiatus.  I say unintended because as some of you know, I moved to a new apartment on December 1st.  After this, I intended to take a quick break while I unpacked my life and cried over the amount of shit I have accumulated in less than 2 years in New York.  However, right at the end of this quick break, HOLIDAY SEASON CAME UPON US!  I am not really one for freaking out over the holidays, but it sure does make things busier.  Thus, unintended blog hiatus.  But now bitches, I'm back!  With a new apartment and the all the fun stuff that goes with it!


So this time around was my first opportunity buying all the essentials with a bit of money to spare and no roommates to consult with.  And I had one requirement: GOLD.  I love the gold flatware trend  that's going on right now and since it's a trend, it means I had plenty to choose from.
After switching apartments, I had lost contact with most of my kitchen stuff so it was time to go hunting for one of the least exciting young adult purchases: flatware.  I say "least exciting" because most of my  age group would much prefer spending their hard-earned money at the corner bar (a lot of the time, myself included), but I am not most of my age group.

My choice is below, I found them listed as vintage on Etsy and while I love them (gold+bamboo? yes please) the engraving on the back suggests they are not in fact very old.  But no worries, no skin off my nose!

And you know the funniest part? The first thing the boyfriend said in response to my new golden utensils?  "The look a little gaudy, Emily.  I mean, their fine, just a little showy."  Well fine then, eat with your hand.