Thursday, February 6, 2014

Design Files

I feel like this may be the ultimate guest bedroom.  I distinguish it as "guest" because there is no way this is lived in enough for full-time use, but that doesn't make it any less incredible design-wise! 

I make that distinction because it was pointed out to me recently that I grew up in the online era of design, where we are bombarded with images of impossibly perfect interiors that truly don't represent a consistently lived-in space.  Dishes don't always get done, flowers eventually will die, and sometimes you just don't want to fold up that blanket on the couch.  Now we don't really won't photos of our homes taken in that moment, but that is often what our lives look like; and that's OK, awesome even!  But more of that for another post.

Back to this room.  I really enjoy the pink, as I have in the past, but I feel like this room achieves something that my past pink obsessions have not.  Between the pink walls, pink rug and pink floor length curtains, the color disappears into the room, making this normally strong hue, the backdrop and a near neutral from which the upholstered bed and wingback truly pop.  It's really pretty incredible if you think about it!  This light baby shade of pink can be both a strong statement-making element on it's own, but against all rational thinking, when layered together settles a room into a calming oasis.  Now I really want to paint my walls.

Also, I'm really into those wall-mounted lamps.  My bedroom currently is too small for side tables so I've been on the hunt for good wall-mounted options.  I think I've decided on these brass beauties from IKEA and only in writing this post did I realize how close their lamps are to my favorite choice.  Great minds think alike!

PS: I'm by no means a fan of the plain lightbulb overhead, but yet another feat of nature in this room that it does not look like a derelict crack den in there because of it.  Just sayin'.