I'm Emily, a Massachusetts native, currently livin' it up in Brooklyn.  Right now I'm working as desk pion, but the future?  Unknown.

The transition into "adult life" has been uncertain so I have subconsciously thrown myself into tangible things: DIY projects, design, art, shopping (very tangible), exercise, friendships and family.

I am a person who sees progress through the creation of something and in that light, I think what we surround ourselves with affects how we live our lives: the goods of our lives.  Now this does not mean just the goods you buy, but also goods you create, as well as the goods that define us, our family our friends and our beliefs.  Goods can certainly be more than just things and that is what I want to talk about here.

I believe, perhaps naively, that we should not allow goods into our lives that don't look, feel or are...
That means no shitty stuff, no shitty people, no shitty anything. That's not always possible, but it should definitely be a goal. So let's look for the good. I think you can find some here.


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