Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Can we just talk about this for a minute?

So it's been a while since anyone has asked me my favorite color (why is that reserved only for elementary school by the way?), but I think it's an important question to consider.  More so than most people care to realize, color offers a great reflection on our mood; think more about short-term color choices (clothing).  But color also has more long-term effects; think more about the colors in spaces that surround us and how they alter our perception and interactions.  I got really into the idea of color therapy awhile back; the primary takeaway here is that the colors you surround yourself with have very real ramifications on your emotions, mood and general outlook.  Perhaps I feel a blog post series coming on? 

This would not be my kneejerk response if someone asked me my favorite color, but I am realizing that I consistently surround myself with purple: lilac, mauve, plum, doesn't matter the tone, if it's purple I'm usually down.  Speaking of which, can I surround myself with this room?
Wow, this is a thing of beauty!  I went on that rant about color because I think this space does a beautiful job of using a palette to enhance more than just the space, but also a mood.  Perhaps a "vibe" is a better way to say it, but that doesn't sound nearly as smart.  The tans throughout add the texture in the room, from the leather chairs to the luxurious, velvetly rug...seriously?  Too much buttery goodness.  I just want to walk around barefoot for days. 
But what I am really impressed with here are the walls.
A) They're round.  General rule of thumb: Round walls and round windows=awesome.
B) The finish!  At first I though that was wallpaper with the cool vertical lines, but I am relatively sure that this badboy was paint!  That's a lot of work to make that look this good with paint.  And yet another use of tan peeking through the purple striations?  I just can't. 

File this one away in the greatest rooms of all time.

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