Saturday, May 11, 2013

Making Some Changes

So as you can see, the blog has a bit of a different look today.  

I am taking a small business start-up class and we are talking about branding and a holistic vision for our work.  While I'm still totally behind the idea of Egregiously Em, I don't think I want it defining me or my work as a whole (which I think I sort of knew from the beginning).  So let's just chalk that up to a working title and...moving on.

So, good.  Where did I get that?

Well, it's pretty multi-faceted really.  So "goods" tends to be a term used solely for describing things, products we consume.  That is a very real definition of the word and I am all for you reading into the title with this understanding.  But good is more than that.  It's a qualifier, an adjective thrown around far too often to the point that we have lost its meaning.  

I believe, perhaps naively, that we should not allow goods into our lives that don't look, feel or are...


That means no shitty stuff, no shitty people, no shitty anything.  That's not always possible, but it should definitely be a goal.  So let's look for the good.  I think you can find some here.

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