Monday, November 11, 2013

Questions, Questions...

So I've been doing quite a bit of thinking lately with my new job change.  I have seen quite a few projects that have inspired me and made me question what it is I'm working towards (see here and here).  I've been thinking back to the artisans I met on Zanzibar, block-printers in India and weavers in Mexico, and wondering why I can't create a sustainable and ethical link between their crafts and my market. 
Well, there's a whole slew of immediate concerns I have about maintaining that whole "sustainable and ethical" idea. 
Is there any such thing when you introduce small-scale crafts to the large-scale market? 
Is ethical possible while still making a living for yourself? 

Can I feel good about what I'm doing when I go to sleep at night?
Will I be able to afford a roof over my head when I go to sleep at night?
I feel like, many times, the blogs I read are written by people who have made it, done these incredible things, struggled through the tough stuff and are now living (and blogging about) the fabulous, creative life on the other side.  BUT HOW DO YOU GET TO THE OTHER SIDE?  How do you make a somewhat unclear amalgamation of ideals and aesthetics become a cohesive business model? 
Here's to finding out.


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