Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trip to Trinidad

Sorry again for the radio silence, and unfortunately this will turn into a quick update.  Got back from my first trip to Trinidad with the boy last week (Carnival(!) and family bonding(?)).  And while all that was fun, I found myself especially inspired by some of the architecture I saw around me as I pounded through the sweaty streets for 2 days, wining with strangers and having far too much fun!  

But back to the houses...I just candle handle them! Between the rusted variegated tin roofs, the insane amount of fretwork, the gables and colors (oh the colors!), well I'm just in love.  Half a day of our vacation was spent walking around Woodbrook (a neighborhood in Port-of-Spain and where this style of house is named for) looking for new places to photograph and cooing about, "no, this one, I want this one!"  Maybe one day..

Keep on scrollin' to see what I mean and let me know your fave in the comments!

My favorite!

Another fave, and this one's literally 8 feet wide!

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