Sunday, April 21, 2013

So Here Goes Nothing!

"So here goes nothing!"  My Mom always used to say that and it seems fitting in this situation.  This blog has been developing in my head for some time now and as I am considering some serious life changes, now seems like the time to begin.  I titled the blog Egregiously Em both as a description but also as a reminder.

Egregious: (adjective) 
        1) Outstandingly bad; shocking
        2) Remarkably good
        3) Outrageous

I think all of those things are a pretty accurate description of me, even number one.  And most importantly, I am happy about that!  That being said, I sometimes need to remind myself of that, both the definitions and the fact that I'm OK with them.  It has been nearly a year since I graduated from college and it's been a tough one.  But things are starting to look up and I'm thinking about some changes in the future.  I want this blog to be a place to showcase my projects, my style, things I like and things that are taking up space in my head.  I hope you stick around and that you can glean something from my musings.  

So here goes nothing!

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