Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Files

So Emerald may be Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year but there is something about a brilliant blue that spans the ages.  The photo below is one of my current design obsessions. Seriously.  Sometimes I'll catch myself staring at it may or may not be my computer background at home.
The juxtaposition between the blue and the hot pink desk (a DIY project with a West Elm Parsons desk), the Asian-inspired lamps with the hewn wood shelf. Wow. I'm into it! And I am consistently impressed with the red stools with the pink desk combo; it's definitely not something I would have thought to pair together, but like everything else here, it just seems to work. I think the takeaway here is that good design moves beyond "accepted" categories and color stories.  Oh, and just to really show how cool this woman is, The two chests of drawers are IKEA hacks.  Really?  People's creativity is amazing sometimes!

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