Thursday, April 24, 2014

Design Files

Will you look at this?  Now I had a pink room all the way through high school, but I have to say this puts mine to shame.  The three shades of coral (helped by the beautiful moldings)  combined with those perfect perfect blown glass lamps and the fabulous 70s dresser (read: flower knobs).  Wow.  Just wow.

Quick gripe though: gah, those nightstands. The pagoda tops with the inward-facing club feet?  Amazing.  That Pepto-Bismol paint color?  Not so much...and it could be so so good! Imagine them lilac, like below:

That would be killer here.  Otherwise A+ on this room!  And the peach storage bench?  I need that in my life, both because it is that great...simple, but great, and because I could use that storage for real.  

What's your favorite part of this room?

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