Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday's Work in Progress: Honey Oak Hell

For my first Wednesday work in progress, I tackled a room that's been leaving me listless since I moved into my apartment 4 months ago.  The bathroom.  There really is not much to it.  This is NYC and I am not wealthy so my bathroom is pretty utilitarian.  See below:

It might look like I only showed my project instead of the whole bathroom, but there's really not much else there.  To the left of where I'm standing taking the photo is the toilet.  You see the shower curtain.  That's about it.  But this thing has got to be my least favorite aspect of the bathroom.  Top 2 of the apartment only falling second to my closet "situation." But that's for another Wednesday.

Let's just start this by saying that I truly, sincerely, from the deepest part of my being hate Honey Oak.  I do not understand it, I do not like it and if I could I would sledgehammer it wherever I saw it.  But alas, I am a renter and not a psychopath, so I have no sledgehammer.  So instead, I will paint it.  

See those paint drops, aren't they aesthetically pleasing?
You see, I have been on a painting kick lately.  Painting my bedroom, painting the kitchen, blah blah blah.  I'm all about paint.  But I'm also all about being lazy and also doing what I can to not piss off my landlady.  She's not very nice from my experience, but I'm young and naive and scared of the "permanence" that is paint.  I think by May I'll get over that.  But for now, I started slow with just this awful Honey Oak catastrophe.  These same cabinets are in my kitchen too...who knows what I'll do next week.

Well, other than the fact that Honey Oak makes me vomit in my mouth, it also does nothing for this little bland space.  Everything is some version of white or cream or light yellow and everything is the cheapest you could find from Home Depot (that mirror is mine, it was cheap (Mexico) but you aren't going to find anything that good in Home Depot).  The only drop of darkness in the whole place is the light gray floors so I decided to go in that direction and just try to moody the place up a bit.

So this project was super easy and quick (less than 12 hours!).  
I had some of my favorite gray paint lying around 
(I believe Deep Indigo from Benjamin Moore) and with maybe two feet of painter's tape and a screwdriver I was ready to go.

I removed the doors and my knobs (old old old faux bois knobs from Anthropologie) and painted them on the floor in my kitchen.  Just two quick coats on everything, let it all dry over night and I was done.  Easy peasy.  My favorite kind of project!  

And look at the difference; I love it!  I wish I could get rid of the yellow tiles, but my nerve for changing a rental doesn't extend that far.  For now, I'll settle for this little but profound change.  No more Honey Oak, no more (obvious) cheap Home Depot.

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  1. what a change! nice work, emily. :)



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