Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday: List for the Future

So being gone all weekend I wasn't quite able to fit in a full project to share with y'all today.  My vision for Work in Progress Wednesday is not to have a completed project for you every week (that's a recipe for failure), but rather show you, literally, a work in progress (though a finished project is always a bonus!).  I've got things on the docket though so the coming Wednesdays are definitely looking ripe!  Here we go:

Upholstered Headboard
Island Top
Coffee Table Base
Rag Rug
Turkish Chair Restoration
Kitchen Cabinets
Closet Overhaul
Painting Walls

And this is all in my little 400sqft apartment!

I promise I'll get cracking on these post-haste to have a nice new project to share with you next week!

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